“Project TIGER” is CECOG’s Cross-Border Initiative Anticipating the Tumor Board Future.

CECOG has formed a strong network of clinicians coming from various countries of Central and Southeastern Europe aimed at raising awareness on the enormous impact of immune oncology in the treatment of malignancies in the geographic region which unites us.

The goals of the “Project TIGER” are:

  • improving the understanding of the immune system and its role in cancer
  • information on outcomes of immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICPI) treatments in various indications
  • information on options of combination therapies to ameliorate treatment outcomes with currently available clinical examples and an outlook on upcoming options
  • use of immune checkpoint inhibitors in special clinical situations
  • management of side effects

Meetings and web-based cross-border tumor boards are the cornerstones of the “Project TIGER” to realize the mentioned goals.

CECOG has generated a network of 13 centers of excellence and 10 downstream centers of reference located in the various countries of the geographic region. These centers with its approximately 60 clinicians will participate in web-based tumor boards on a two-weekly basis. Developed by CECOG, most of the centers will be connected via a homepage allowing the entire geographic region to participate in the change in treatment paradigm of cancer. Hosted by CECOG, cancer cases can be uploaded and discussed within the virtual tumor board by participating colleagues from a variety of diagnostic and clinical disciplines. Every case will be discussed and a treatment recommendation will be given, based on international treatment guidelines and on the drug availability in the individual country. Follow-ups of all cases are scheduled and will be incorporated in the tumor board meetings and results with a special emphasis upon survival.

“Project TIGER” will not only distribute knowledge on immune oncology in the region, but also enable centers from participating countries to implement the gained knowledge to the benefit of patients from this important, yet partly underserved geographic of Europe.